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Coffee Chat

  • Your Perfect Cup of Coffee

    There is only one way to make the perfect cup of coffee – your way.
    Because we are all unique, your perfect cup of coffee may be far from perfect for the person sitting next to you.
    Making coffee is a science – and an art. Maybe you are really precise about how you make coffee, weighing the ground beans, heating the water to the precise temperature, timing the extraction… or you could be more of a freestyle artist. Either way, Lalico Coffee support whatever works for you.
  • Three ways to recycle your used coffee grounds

    There are many ways to recycle your used coffee grounds. Here are just three ways coffee lovers have re-used them in the garden.
    Fertilize Your Garden
    Acid loving plans like roses, rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas and camellias enjoy a good coffee! Sprinkle your used coffee grounds around them to add nitrogen and potassium to the soil. Coffee grounds do not contain phosphorus or calcium, so isn’t ideal for encouraging blooms and fruiting. Add lime or wood ash from your log burner for a complete fertilizer.