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Three ways to recycle your used coffee grounds

There are many ways to recycle your used coffee grounds. Here are just three ways coffee lovers have re-used them in the garden.
Fertilize Your Garden
Acid loving plants like roses, rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas and camellias enjoy a good coffee! Sprinkle your used coffee grounds around them to add nitrogen and potassium to the soil. Coffee grounds do not contain phosphorus or calcium, so isn’t ideal for encouraging blooms and fruiting. Add lime or wood ash from your log burner for a complete fertilizer. 
You can change the colour of hydrangeas by changing the pH levels of the soil. Coffee reduces pH levels to give you bright blue flowers.
Pest Repellent
It is widely known that salt kills slugs and snails. It is claimed that an alternative way to keep these gastropods away from your prize blooms is to sprinkle used coffee grounds on the soil. It seems they don’t like the acidity in coffee.
Cat owners look away now! Have you noticed that cats rarely use their own garden as a toilet? It has been suggested that coffee grounds and dried orange peel will keep cats away from your garden. Let us know if it works.
Coffee and Compost
If you have a compost bin, throw your used coffee grounds into the mix. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which is great for your garden. Worms may be attracted to your compost by the addition of coffee grounds.
Now we should say that at Lalico Coffee, we are not serious gardeners. Our garden is more of a play area for our daughter. The information presented here is what we have learned from other coffee professionals. We urge you to research and experiment before embarking on a wholesale coffee assault on your garden.